WOC Tour - E3 Sprint - WOC 2022.
Sted: Frederikshåb Plantage, Sdr. Almstokvej 11, Billund
Dato: Mandag den 27. juni 2022
Tid: kl. 09.30
Hjemmeside: Se hjemmeside

WOC Tour - E3 Sprint - WOC 2022.


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We will keep you updated when the exact location and other details about this particular race are made available./n/nInvite your friends, club companions and anyone else you think should know about the race./n/nUpdate the 1. of March: /nRemember, that the price will rise the 15. of March. Go to the sign up here:/nhttps://tour.woc2022.dk/sign-up//n/nUpdate the 26. of March:/nThe time for start of this race has now been determined./n/nHave a look here for info about the other races in WOC Tour: https://www.woc2022.dk/woc-tour//n/n/nDANSK:/n/nE3 - Sprint/n/nTRYK /

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