Same Shit, Different Planet.
Arrangeret af: That Theatre Company
Sted: Kulturhuset Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2, København Ø
Dato: Torsdag den 16. februar 2023
Tid: kl. 13 & 19.30
Pris: Entré: Børn/Unge: 125 kr, Gruppe, Børn/Unge: 40 kr, Gruppe, Voksen: 155 kr, Løssalg: 195 kr, Særrabat til voksne: 155 kr Køb/bestil billet

Same Shit, Different Planet.


Martian Toothache. Komedie. Aldersgruppe: Fra 15 år. Varighed: 80 min uden pause.

A fast-paced and humorous look at the future. The year is 2251. Humans have successfully colonised Mars. However, an unknown microbe is playing havoc with peoples' teeth causing them to decay dramatically. Is it something to do with the addictive drug Omnigrin that Earth supplies freely to subdue the Martian colonists? Can the fake dentist Sørensen unearth the Underground movement? This Martian Dental surgery becomes a cauldron of tension and intrigue trickery. Can humans learn to trust other humans when they do not share the same history, identity or heritage? An emotional, funny, touching, quirky, robotic, thirsty, thought-provoking, dusty comedy

Medvirkende: Katrin Weisser, Peter Vinding, Dawn Wall, Luiz Wilhelm Karlsen

Instruktør: Ian Burns